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Frequently asked questions: Novato Vacation Rental House

entrance to Novato, California vacation rental houseCommon questions and answers -

How many real beds are there and what size?
-- 3 Queen Size beds, 1 King Size beds and 4
Twin size beds

Is the home well suited for retreats?
-- Yes it is

What is the maximum amount of people allowed overnight?
-- 12 people

How much parking is available at the home?
-- 3 spots dedicated

Is the home child safe?
-- Yes, we take care to maintain a child safe vacation rental house.

What amenities are provided?
-- Everything you need in a home (microwave, oven, cook top range, refrigerator, dishwasher, garbage disposal, hot water device for tea or coffee, cloth washer and dryer, all dishes and utensils, cookware, etc.)

Are Pets allowed?
-- Yes, though you must get authorization on the size and type

Can we check-in early? Check-out late?
-- With prior arrangement, this may be possible

Can we book just one night?
-- We require a minimum of 2 nights minimum stay in Winter (Friday and Saturday must be booked together) and 7 nights in Summer, although from time to time, if we have opening in our calendar, we may make an exception.

How is the home set-up?
-- Downstairs: Family room, kitchen, formal living room, dining room, bathroom and office
-- Upstairs: 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms
-- Backyard: fenced swimming pool with sitting area and covered patio

What is the deposit return policy?
-- Upon inspection of the house the deposit is returned

What is your cancellation policy?
-- If a holiday rental is cancelled by the client a cancellation charge will be made as follows:
Days before rental period commences / Cancellation charge as % of total rental:
More than 56 = 30%, 56 - 43 = 45%, 42 - 29 = 55%, 28 - 15 = 75%, 14 - 0 = 100%.

How far away is the nearest City? Highway?
The distance of the house to the major highway (US 101) is: ~ 3 minutes

  • San Francisco: ~ 35 minutes
  • Napa: ~ 40 minutes
  • Sonoma: ~ 30 minutes
  • Oakland: ~ 40 minutes
  • Berkeley: ~ 30 minutes
  • San Rafael: ~ 15 minutes
  • Point Reyes: ~ 35 minutes
  • Santa Rosa: ~ 35 minutes
  • Petaluma: ~ 15 minutes

All distances are estimates made by the owner and depend on traffic. 
Check for up-to-date San Francisco traffic conditions.

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